So I Can’t Unroll Toilet Paper Very Fast…

You are probably thinking what? Ok another highlight of my summer was the privilege I had to speak at Trinity Youth Camp this summer.  This was my first time getting to speak in a camp atmosphere like that and I loved it.  It was probably the most fun I have ever had speaking.  The first week I was able to preach on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights.  The kids there were awesome.  It seemed like every kid there was listening and maybe even getting the message. 

I really enjoyed getting to know some of the kids while I was down there in the evenings.  It was interesting asking them what their favorite thing about camp was.  It seemed like everyone had something different.  It was really cool when a kid would come up to me and say thanks for the message, I really needed that.  I’m amazed how God can use someone as simple as me, and speak to kids hearts.

The second week I got to preach on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  On Thursday night, I was able to participate in the segment of camp called “Are You Faster Than Your Counselor?”  Each night they had a guy and girl counselor come up and do a Minute to Win It challenge, and the kids from the different cabins competed to see if they could beat them.  The game I got to do was unrolling a complete roll of toilet paper.  I think I could have won if I wouldn’t have knocked the toilet paper down to start, but those seconds lost were just enough for one of the boys from the blue team to win!

Even though I didn’t win, I still had a great time both weeks.  I personally want to thank the camp director, Daniel Warren for letting me come, and I hope that it is something I get the chance to do again in the future.  Next time I will be prepared to unroll faster!