Using Creativity in Children’s Ministry

This past October at the Church Life Conference at Trinity, I was able to help teach a breakout session with our Children’s Pastor, Paul Scott about using creativity in Children’s Ministry. I really enjoyed being able to share some of what we do at Trinity with others during the sessions, and I decided it would be a good idea to post some of that here on the blog. I’ll have several posts coming up that go over the material that we used in the session.

The first thing that God ever is recorded as doing was creating. Creativity is important to God! Genesis 1:1 starts out by saying that in the beginning God created. We serve a creative God so it is only natural to use the gift of creativity in our ministry. The message we have to share in children’s ministry is the greatest message in the world. We should use creativity to engage our audience with this very important message.

How are you using creativity in your ministry?


“How many of you have heard of Adam and Eve?” “I have the video!”

Today we had Kids Club at a neighborhood here in Jacksonville.  We had gone to this neighborhood last year and had an ok turnout, but many of the kids left after the inflatable time to go get into the pool.  We decided that we would need to go back before it got warm enough for the pool again, and luckily we made it this week!  The weather was perfect.  God gave us a perfect morning with it being warm enough to enjoy outside, but still just a little bit too cool for the pool next to where we were having the program!

Kids Club is always an adventure.  This week was no different.  Once we got there we set up the inflatable like always while some of the others went to invite the children.  Around eleven, twenty or so kids were lined up at the inflatable and at the facepainting stations.  About that time a lady whom I did not know (who ended up being the manager of the community) came up and asked to talk to the leader.  Sometimes being the leader is a good thing, other times its like “oh boy, what did we do!”  This is how I felt.  I told her I was the leader and she explained she was the manager and wanted to talk to us in her office. 

I made Dustin go with me – I told him he needed to learn leadership!  I was actually just scared.  He had been the one who set up us coming out there.  Here’s a good lesson to learn when doing neighborhood evangelism – always confirm permission!  Apparently we hadn’t confirmed but don’t worry it all turned out ok! 

She said she was glad we were there and wanted us to come out again.  She even said when we come the next time she will put it in the community newsletter!  She gave us a camera to take pictures of the program so she could put some in the newsletter!  Last but not least she said she would have some balloons for the kids ready in about 10 minutes! 

Another lesson learned – sometimes the thing you fear turns out ok!  One thing I’ve learned again and again is how God takes care of us and does the unexpected.  He was just starting.  I had a couple of spanish men come over and ask to talk to me.  They wanted to know if they could purchase some drinks for the children.  I told them that would be ok, and gave them a few bucks to help.  At the end of the program they showed up with a cooler full of “lil’ hugs” juice drinks and tons of chips for the kids.  I always love when God just sends little blessings like that.  Some time I’ll tell you about the Easter Pizza Miracle, but not enough time now!

The program itself went great.  It’s awesome seeing our workers getting excited about serving God.  Everybody did a great job from the games, and music to the lesson.  Corey taught today for the first time about Adam and Eve.  When he started teaching he asked the kids, “How many of you have heard of Adam and Eve?”  One little girl, named Mary, replied, “I have the video!”  I thought this was really funny.  Corey did a great job making the story come to life by using some of the children to act out the story.  He even had a girl come up and be the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. 

No children were saved this morning, but we were able to plant a lot of seeds.  Be in prayer as we head back to this  same neighborhood next week, that we can again reach out to many children and parents with the life changing message of the Gospel!  I’m excited about what God is doing and so thankful that I can be a part of his work!