Using Creativity in Children’s Ministry

This past October at the Church Life Conference at Trinity, I was able to help teach a breakout session with our Children’s Pastor, Paul Scott about using creativity in Children’s Ministry. I really enjoyed being able to share some of what we do at Trinity with others during the sessions, and I decided it would be a good idea to post some of that here on the blog. I’ll have several posts coming up that go over the material that we used in the session.

The first thing that God ever is recorded as doing was creating. Creativity is important to God! Genesis 1:1 starts out by saying that in the beginning God created. We serve a creative God so it is only natural to use the gift of creativity in our ministry. The message we have to share in children’s ministry is the greatest message in the world. We should use creativity to engage our audience with this very important message.

How are you using creativity in your ministry?