No, This Is Your Job!

One of the highlights of my summer was getting to help out at Camp Come Alive at Eureka Gardens.  As I talked about in a previous entry Eureka Gardens is one of the high crime, at risk neighborhoods here in Jacksonville.  Camp Come Alive had around twenty five awesome campers ranging from five year olds to early teenagers.

One of the things that stuck out to me was something one of the boys said to me on the first week.  I would come for an hour or two in the mornings during Bible time and then leave to go into work.  Well, one of the boys asked me where I had left to go the day before.  I told him that I had to go to my job. 

His response was, “No, this is your job!”  I kind of chuckled at him, but his words reminded me of something Jesus once said.  In Luke 2, when Mary and Joseph couldn’t find Jesus, and they finally found Him in the temple, Jesus’ response was don’t you know I must be about my Father’s business?  This caught Mary by suprise, and probably others around too! After all Joseph was a carpenter, not a theologian! But of course Jesus knew that Joseph was just his step father, and Jesus had been sent by God the Father for a specific job.  Later Jesus said that He had come to seek and to save that which is lost.

The words of Jesus seemed to ring from this little guy’s question.  It reminded me that while I have many responsibilities it is my job to be sharing Jesus with others.  I am thankful for the chance to hang out with the kids from Eureka this summer, and thankful for all the other people who spent time this summer sharing Jesus with them.


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