How Do Flowers Grow?

The campers were all listening intently as Miss Rachel was going over the guidelines for a fun time at camp.  Right in the middle of it all one little girl raised her hand, and asked Miss Rachel this off topic question, “How Do Flowers Grow?”  I am still not really sure why she asked this question, perhaps it was from looking at the apple seeds from the apple core in her napkin left over from breakfast.  Maybe it was just another random question from the innocent mind of a child.  However, I believe that this summer, we are going to see how flowers grow!

The camp that I am at is a day camp at Eureka Gardens.  Eureka Gardens is a Jacksonville neighborhood best known for its drugs and violence.  On Sunday, the day before the camp began, there was another murder in this neighborhood.  While many people see this place as a complete disgrace, God is doing a great work there.  This work began long before the start of camp though.

A couple of years ago, a handful of people from Trinity including Miss Rachel got a burden for these children here at Eureka Gardens.  Knowing that these kids needed some Godly guidance they began a mentoring program.  Many of the people at the church spend each weekend mentoring these children and help them to know the love of the Heavenly Father.

Last summer, Eureka Gardens gave Trinity a chance to run a day camp in their community center.  The name of the camp is Camp Come Alive.  The goal is to see these kids grow in the abundant life that only Christ can offer.

I have been given the opportunity to help teach some of the morning Bible lessons at the camp.  In addition to teaching, I am looking forward to spending time with these children and seeing how God is gonna grow them in His love and grace. 

Please join me in praying for this camp and for these kids, that they might see the true love of the Heavenly Father.  To learn more about Camp Come Alive visit their website at


2 thoughts on “How Do Flowers Grow?

  1. As a child, there was a poster in my bedroom that pictured a flower pushing it’s way up through though the hard, rocky earth. Hearing of this little girl’s question and the hard surroundings in which she must grow, I am reminded of His Presence…thank you.

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