Chocolate Bunny Eating Contest

If you have not already figured it out, I love doing special things in children’s ministry for Easter.  It is such a great opportunity to get kids engaged into the Gospel story, using special activities that center around Easter.  Don’t get me wrong the resurrection of Christ should be our main focus, but using some other methods to get kids excited about bringing their friends to hear the Gospel is not a bad thing.

One thing I found really exciting while in Delaware was our Overflow Children’s Ministry Chocolate Bunny Eating Contest.  I actually got the idea while I was working on Bro. Ed’s bus in Milford.  He had two of his workers compete to eat a one pound solid chocolate bunny as fast as possible.  Of course, I got to be one of the participants.  It is not as easy as you would think! Anyways I decided to the same thing with my kids in our Overflow ministry.

Now I am not suggesting or endorsing anyone to use this idea in their ministry.  I am not even sure if I would use it again, but I do want to share how it went.  I promoted this even for several weeks before to the children.  Finally the night of the contest came.  I selected two boys and two girls.  I made sure they had their parents permission before hand to participate.

Both the girls and boys were each given a one pound solid chocolate bunny.  Their goal was to eat all of their bunny together as soon as possible.  Easier said than done.  When I said go they eagerly began biting the head off of their bunny.  We quickly found out that eating a one pound bunny even with the help of a friend is a difficult task. 

I remember the excitement as they tried to figure out how to go about this task.  They began to think of ways to break up the bunny into more manageable pieces.  Long story short, I do not think they ever fully ate either of their chocolate treats, but memories were made that I hope last a long time.

Here is the point, what can we do in our ministries this Easter to make a lasting impact? The point of doing that was not for the chocolate high, but to invite children to be excited about Easter and the story of the resurrection of Christ.  I look forward to making future memories in ministry, and connecting more children to a relationship with Christ!


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