The Easter Pizza Miracle

As I work on putting together plans for next weeks Kids Club Easter Eggstravaganza,  I am reminded of something cool that happened a few years ago in Ohio.  I was attending the Biblical School of World Evangelism at the time and working on Bro. Ed Barclay’s bus route.  My friends, Nick Hilliard and Michael Carter, and myself decided to do a little outreach in a couple of our bus neighborhoods. 

We did not do anything fancy, we simply went to the dollar store, bought some plastic eggs and candy, and had an Easter Egg hunt for the kids in the neighborhood.  The first neighborhood we went to was Oak Brook.  We went around to our usual riders and told them that we were going to have an Easter Egg Hunt and to invite their friends.  Soon enough we had a crew of eager egg hunters. 

The egg hunt went great and all the kids got plenty of candy.  We also got to invite new kids to come and ride our bus the next day.  As we were talking, here they came: OTHER CHURCH PEOPLE.  Lets be honest, it seems as if most of the time churches are always competing to try to get kids come to their church.  I thought oh great these people are going to try to steal our kids to come to their church tomorrow. 

Here is the miracle, they were not there to steal after all! They simply had bought some pizza and wanted to share it with us to be able to feed it to the children.  WOW! They did not even want anything in return!  I really do not know why those people were there that day with extra pizza.  I honestly think it was just a God thing.  God had put it in their hearts to be a blessing.  Not only was it a blessing to the children but it was an encouragement to me, as I again saw God’s hand working in my life and others. 

What kind of miracles is God doing in your life?  As we prepare for this Easter, I am again excited and prayerful to see what kind of miracle He is going to do this time.  Will you pray with me that the greatest miracle of all, salvation through Christ, will happen in people’s lives this Easter? Will you be willing, like these pizza people, to let God use you to be a blessing to someone today?


2 thoughts on “The Easter Pizza Miracle

  1. This post made me laugh out loud remembering my bus ministry days and the constant battle to try to keep other churches from stealing “my” kids. It’s encouraging to hear this story! Keep it up, Jason!

  2. isn’t it sad that we consider it a miracle when other christians from other places are a blessing to us????? instead of competing with fellow believers who happen to gather in another building, why can’t we work with them or do something to help them out like this group did for you a couple of years ago? why are these stories so farfetched that we can’t believe it just happened?????? thanks for the challenge to be a part of the miracle of salvation in someone’s life and the reminder to work WITH other christians, not against!!!!!

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