Mix It Up

Today, I am continuing a series I started last week about things I have been learning this semester about teaching and children’s ministry.  This post is going to focus on methods.  To effectively teach, I need to learn to use different methods.

The content is the most important thing of the lesson, but methods allow me to teach in creative ways.  It is easy for me just to get up and teach the same way every time, however I am learning that mixing it up helps me and it helps the children I am teaching.

One of my favorite books is the “Fabulous Reinvention of Sunday School” by Aaron Reynolds.  This book has at least 20 different methods that can be used while teaching.  One of those methods that I have used is painting the story while I teach it.  Last summer I taught the lesson of Nicodemus at Trinity’s Summer Bible Club.  It was very simple painting, and the kids thought it was great even though the painting was far from a masterpiece!

This is just one method, others include powerpoints, games, acting out the story, using different props, etc.  There are several different methods that I am trying to include as I teach.  It is very easy to just get up and teach the lesson like I always do, but I am learning that it is much more fun and beneficial to mix it up every once in a while!


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