Be Excited

The second thing I want to focus on that I have been learning this semester is being excited.  Frankly there are some times I get up to speak that I am just not excited.  I think anyone who teaches can relate to this.  However a key to effective communication, especially to children is being excited.

When I get to teach God’s Word I am teaching the most exciting book in the world.  I should not treat this lightly.  The Bible is far from boring, the last thing I want to convey to the children that I am teaching is that it is boring.  I must be excited and passionate about teaching these awesome truths.

I have learned that when I am excited, the kids can see it and in return they get excited about learning God’s Word.  This is something that both Pastor Paul and Bro. Adam have told me several times since I have been teaching in the Inzone.  Being excited is difficult sometimes, but when I get a little out of my comfort zone, it goes a long way. 

I am definitely still learning and have a long way to go, but I know that God will help fuel the excitement as I teach His Word!  After all there is nothing more exciting than seeing a child come to know Christ as their Savior after teaching God’s Word!


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