What Have You Learned? Be Prepared

The first thing I want to focus on that I have been learning this semester is the importance of being prepared.  Preparation helps to step up the entire game.  Preparation is being ready for my lesson, game, etc. ahead of time.  Being prepared ahead of time helps out in several different areas.

Preparation helps me to be focused.  When I have properly prepared before my lesson, I can focus better on teaching my lesson.  Being prepared allows me to focus more on improving other areas such as the delivery of the lesson.  Being prepared really lets me focus on the task at hand. 

A second benefit of being prepared is freedom.  By this I mean, the more prepared I am, the more free I am able to be myself while teaching.  Good preparation allows me to have high energy because I am not worried about what I am supposed to be doing next. 

Am I always prepared? No! However this is an area that I am striving to improve in so that I can be a better communicator of God’s Word to the children I am blessed to teach.  In the next post I will share about teaching energetically!


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