4 Types of Losses

Here’s a random thought I had after Miller lost its intramural football game last week.  Today’s announcement of the Bengals playing the Cowboys in the Hall of Fame Game this August reminded me of it again.  Everyone is going to lose every once in a while.  They all stink when it happens, but the last one really hurts!

1. The Cleveland Browns Loss – This is when you lose and you know you should lose.  Nobody really expects you to win, ever.  When you do it is a great surprise! When you lose it’s expected! These kind of losses don’t hurt too bad!

2. The Baltimore Ravens Loss – This loss might surprise you, but doesn’t break your heart.  You know good and well that half of the time you’re supposed to lose, so losing doesn’t get you down too much.

3. The Pittsburgh Steelers Loss – I hate the Steelers, so personally I love it when they lose.  However it is usually suprising when they do lose.  This type of loss completely surprises you but when it comes down to it, you probably should have lost anyway.

4. The Cincinnati Bengals Loss – This is the worst type of loss.  Being a life long fan of the Bengals, I have experienced these losses over and over again.  You think you are finally going to pull it off, pull of a great win, and then boom! you lose, and it hurts so bad.  It’s a missed field goal, a botched snap, an interception or anything else that crushes your heart (see the above picture).

Oh well, there is always the hope of next year!


4 thoughts on “4 Types of Losses

  1. This is humorous; however, it does’t apply to every person. I think that last loss could be correlated to any team that any person is a fan of. Not everything revolves around the Bengals, Jason! 🙂

    Love ya, bro. Good posts!

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